Press Release

Thanks for the peek into heart Rita, giving half to charity all over the world. Now there is a mission I could really get gehind!

Master Key Experience

Interviewed by Joan Rivers. For  “How’d you get so Rich”  TV show

Joan:    Who’s  the rich ______________ that lives here in this mansion between Leonardo Decaprio and Kaeno Reeves….???? Laughing…!!

Lets find out….

Knock Knock….

Me:     Hi Joan   I’m Rita grandchamp. Very  Honored  to see you. What brings  you to my neighbourhood.

Joan:    Very nice to meet you Rita.. I was curious as to who lives in this large mansion in the Hollywood Hills.. You have very Famous neighbours..   Rita can  you show me around?

Me:    Sure Joan.  This is a 7600 square foot Italian Villa. There are 5 bedrooms. There is a theatre room. And a tennis court. We have complete views from downtown Los Angeles to Malibu. This is the Great Room..

Joan:    It’s Huge but very warm.. I love this bridge between the kitchen and the Great room with the pool…

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Week 21-MKMMA 2016: Everyday Miracles

Cathy's Master Keys Mastermind Alliance

There is so much going on in our individual world and the world around us everyday.  I am grateful and celebrate each day that I wake-up to be a part of it.  How we think is how we perceive the world which in turn creates our conditions.  I am definitely a person of miracles.  In fact, everything I do with science I consider the miracle of science.

For example, changing your diet and exercising your body improves both your physical and mental health.  We may all know this to be true, but the process of helping people through that is truly miraculous.  With my boy, there was a week that he only had one word correct on his spelling pre-test on Monday.  He was concerned as he was used to doing much better.  I guaranteed him that he would do just as well as every other week on his test…

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A little more Kindness please – MKMMA Week 16

Kindness can change you and the people you share it with ..amazing ripple effect


Kindness is everywhere. It’s been surprisingly remarkable at what I’ve experienced this week focusing on the virtue of kindness. I wasn’t expecting anything special but that hasn’t been the case. Not only have I noticed the kindnesses of others it’s worked its magic on me. I’ve always considered myself a kind person but keeping kindness in the forefront of my mind has really made a difference, and it hasn’t been forced, it’s occurring naturally.

What a great exercise. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone focused on a little more kindness?

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MKMMA-week 9-the dynamic flow of giving and receiving

This week started with a renewed feeling of “I love you” silently in my mind to everyone I meet, then something strange happened , the more I gave away the more I received.  One night out to dinner with a friend, her treat,  I said thank you graciously. The next night out to dinner with the girls, the waiter  was having a really bad day, I tipped him more than my usual  standard tip, he said thank you many times, I graciously said you are welcome. The next night after grocery shopping as I was walking to the cart park, I saw an empty cart with a still hot deli chicken wrapped in cellophane, I looked up and gave it to a young family headed for their car, they were stunned, thankful and I suspect indeed of a hand up, as I left the parking lot, they were standing around the car smiling and waving at me, yes I was the lucky one  this week, I am still teary-eyed and my heart is just bursting  with the best feeling I can imagine. I am so looking forward to tomorrow, Oh I just about forgot, yesterday shopping for a day timer, guess what, yep the clerk just gave me it, no charge!

I am having the time of my life, this has been an awesome week.


MKMMA week 8

After listening to the big call on Sunday night, I realized I have the wrong PPN’s. I am having trouble linking colour and shapes to those old PPN’s, I tried memorizing shapes to link my pivotal needs, but it was not effortless and  still very difficult, so on the big call , I heard about self loathing and self pity regarding a lifetime of  battling my weight. Yes,  that struck a so familiar feeling. I changed my PPN’s yesterday, and yikes, I realize this has been the biggest self limiting belief I have been dragging around for years. I now see a pattern in the old blueprint that is very ugly, but I know those old nasty peptides were getting their fix.

I have also recorded my BPB without the Baroque music, just doesn’t work without it, so new recording coming up. Today as I drove to work I saw   many red circles on buildings that I  did not see  earlier in the week, that I have driving  by for years. I have taken the  same route to work for 28 years.  I think I was comatose most mornings, but not now I laugh when I see a red circle and say one of my PPN’s out loud, it is becoming a game every day on my drive to work.

This is effortless, so now my DMP is being re-written.

MKMMA week 7

I am astonished on how a simple recording of my voice over Baroque music  could be so powerful.  I am saying my DMP and at the end add “I always keep my promises.”

I feel it is a self fulling prophecy. It gives me the chills, and I play it in bed as I fall asleep, so I dream big plans and into my subconscious and  the methods for the how will begin to manifest. The first step is idealization. The next is visualization. You must see the picture more and more  complete, see the detail, and, as the detail begins to unfold the ways and means for bringing into manifestation will develop. One thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to action, action will lead to methods, method will develop friends, friends will bring about circumstances, and finally, the third step, or materialization will be accomplished.

How many times a day do I visualize, looking at my movie poster, listening to my recording of my voice saying the words of my DMP, as the words wash over me I visualize my terrace in Greece, I link blue rectangle to my movie poster, I see the view from the terrace in my mind I can physically feel my heart beating faster and the feeling of breathlessness, wow how can a thought evoke a physical response, because I believe I am there, breathing in the smells of flowers, looking at the blue ocean and I imagine the warmth of the sun on my face, I really had no idea my subconscious was this powerful or how it worked. All the exercises, readings, coloured shapes and  service cards, are they working?  Weeks ago I wouldn’t have believe it, but today I am a believer.

MKMMA week 6-

I am mastering the art of concentration, it s quite a challenge . I sit and concentrate perfectly still on my definite major purpose, my mind wanders I fantasize about looking over the coast of Greece, I am sitting on a terrace, I know where that idea is coming from, I wrote it in my press release, but my mind is wandering, I need to focus. More attempts at sitting still, my nose is itchy, I  do not move, I push through and now my feet are falling asleep, I do not move, now tonight I must stare at a photo  and then re-create the picture in my mind, every detail. This art of concentration will   allow me to control my thoughts, and since thoughts are causes, conditions must be effects, if I can control  the cause I can also control the effects.

Today the new scroll is about love, so I decide to think of love all day and concentrate in putting the scroll into play today all day. I am focused.  As I pass strangers in he street I think to myself “I love you” and I smile at them, sometimes I say good morning, the reactions are much different then before I can feel the warmth of the smiles I receive back, yes I am in the flow of giving and receiving.

I had a conversation with a total stranger regarding self limiting beliefs and the ability to trust yourself. This is almost surreal. I talk to my fellow students and we are on the same page, but for total strangers to see, believe and encourage these thoughts, well thought is powerful and already flowing from me and to me.

MKMMA week 5-Mind in action is thought

This week has been a struggle with my old blueprint, I have feelings not of forgiveness, of something dark. I am having trouble  not thinking negative thoughts, when others are saying nasty things.  The Law of dual thought, just replace negative thoughts with a thought of someone I love deeply and this brings a smile to my face, and since the subconscious mind can only hold one thought at a time, in sneaks a positive thought, I must repeat this over  and over.

To think  that my thoughts today and every minute of today is  weaving my beliefs of tomorrow, now this is serious and I am struggling with change and I know my thought woven to day may only be 20% positive and rest yucky.  So we are consistently creating and recreating ourselves, tomorrow I am recreating  a new me.  I must talk to the watchman at the gate, keep guard and throw those negative thoughts on the scrap heap do not let them in the subconscious. Weave strong rot free material for the new world within.

The thing to do is to have a mental house-cleaning, and to have this house-cleaning everyday, pluck those negative seedlings and throw them out, keep the mental house clean. Mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind.

You must earnestly desire it, yes I want he effect of he world within to change, become better, so I must be in the flow of giving and receiving of love, compliments, random kindnesses and compassion to name a few, leave everyone you meet better than you found them, with a smile or compliment or spending time with them, Time is a precious commodity and a true gift to someone who needs a friend. Go make a difference in your world today, I am.